Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Pretend That Never Happened, Shall We?

Yeah, um, it's been, like,, 9 whole months...

Whatever has transpired in these last 9 months shall remain a permanent foggy blur in the ol' cranium. None of the events of the last 9 months will ever take up residence in my head ever again. Thus, I formally banish thee (said events and memories of such events) from my mind forever!!!!

'Nuff said.

Now, onto the NOW...

It's 3:16 am. John 3:16...I cannot sleep. I am supposed to be fast asleep. Since 10pm last night. That never happened. So, now it's 3:17 am. In 2 1/2 hours I am supposed to wake up from this sleep that never happened and go to work. Well, that's never going to happen either seeing as I've just called in sick. So, I've made a pot of coffee. I am going to smoke these fucking cigarettes whether I like it or not. AND I am going to just type whatever is going on in my stupid little pea sized brain right now.

"Is this what being half dead feels like? 'Cuz really, i feel like a friggin zombie"

"thank god i watered my new little plants tonight, er, last night. I hope they dont die"

"i wish i could go to sleep like a normal person."

"i dont really think i have any thoughts right now"

"i wonder if the runaways will be a good movie."

"seriously? kristen stewart? really? i mean REALLY"

"what is robert pattinson doing right now?"

"dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke."

"aw fuck it"

"i thought he was cool but really hes just an old fat loser...hahahahaha....wait a minute, i think im gonna puke"

"i hope lizzard laughs at this when she reads this"

"i dont think im crazy but really now its 3 in the am and im typing out my stream of conciousness...thats crazy"

"would mr donaghy kill me if i started vacuuming right now?"

"what about cleaning the bathrooms? is that quiet?"

"my sweet little kitty has been following me around all night...bed, kitchen, bed, living room, bed, kitchen...hes cute"

"are these vapid thoughts?...wait, are these even thoughts?"

oh shit..............................


lizholly said...

you and your thoughts are not stupid or vapid, and i did laugh and still am ,and the whole thing reminds me of my inner thoughts, oh no.
see you super soon, i hope!

rachel said...

lizzard! i started another blog..."Write!...dammit" maybe you could do it with me?