Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Pretend That Never Happened, Shall We?

Yeah, um, it's been, like,, 9 whole months...

Whatever has transpired in these last 9 months shall remain a permanent foggy blur in the ol' cranium. None of the events of the last 9 months will ever take up residence in my head ever again. Thus, I formally banish thee (said events and memories of such events) from my mind forever!!!!

'Nuff said.

Now, onto the NOW...

It's 3:16 am. John 3:16...I cannot sleep. I am supposed to be fast asleep. Since 10pm last night. That never happened. So, now it's 3:17 am. In 2 1/2 hours I am supposed to wake up from this sleep that never happened and go to work. Well, that's never going to happen either seeing as I've just called in sick. So, I've made a pot of coffee. I am going to smoke these fucking cigarettes whether I like it or not. AND I am going to just type whatever is going on in my stupid little pea sized brain right now.

"Is this what being half dead feels like? 'Cuz really, i feel like a friggin zombie"

"thank god i watered my new little plants tonight, er, last night. I hope they dont die"

"i wish i could go to sleep like a normal person."

"i dont really think i have any thoughts right now"

"i wonder if the runaways will be a good movie."

"seriously? kristen stewart? really? i mean REALLY"

"what is robert pattinson doing right now?"

"dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke."

"aw fuck it"

"i thought he was cool but really hes just an old fat loser...hahahahaha....wait a minute, i think im gonna puke"

"i hope lizzard laughs at this when she reads this"

"i dont think im crazy but really now its 3 in the am and im typing out my stream of conciousness...thats crazy"

"would mr donaghy kill me if i started vacuuming right now?"

"what about cleaning the bathrooms? is that quiet?"

"my sweet little kitty has been following me around all night...bed, kitchen, bed, living room, bed, kitchen...hes cute"

"are these vapid thoughts?...wait, are these even thoughts?"

oh shit..............................

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Night

Good movie...but leaves you feeling a little empty. Glad that Mickey Rourke is back. This movie shows his true side, I think. I met him in Miami once. He's very polite and genuinely likes to meet people and be around them. At least that's the impression I got. Very nice man.

Really like this movie too. Very real. Very Demme. Very good. Hathaway did a great job.

Too cute, this movie. Seth Rogan is actually kinda sexy in this movie...hmmm.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A View Obstructed By Pretty

I have a partition set up in my garden made up of basic trellis and wooden planter boxes. I had planted vines in the boxes to grow along the trellis to create a sort of living green screen. Well, three years later, time has proven that the idea was best in theory not in practice...

Until I saw THIS!!!

I think this is much better! This is so much more outstanding and because of that, I could, indeed, do the same with larger sections of trellis and instead of fabric, I could plant in the ground making a commitment instead of thinking I might want to move it around. If I had something like this, making a permanent structure with permanent plantings would be so much more striking than the pathetic little things I have going on right now.

Then, visitors to the garden would have something more magical to stroll through to the rose garden!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Lazy Sundays Here

Yesterday was quite a busy day and that busy-ness will spill over to today.

In the garden, I planted two azaleas and six cyclamen...nearly dead. Hopefully, I can resurrect them and they will be glorious by winter. I weeded, pruned, and performed a general clean up. But the dirtiest job was saved for last. I put a thick layer of manure in the rose garden, tilled the soil, and placed a soaker hose that now weaves like a snake throughout the bases of all my roses. Flies were biting me in hunger all throughout and the stench was stifling. Yet, the job is done and I do feel much better.

Inside, Mr. Donaghy was busy trimming all the windows and door frames in the kitchen. He even inlaid the exposed parts of the cabinets! The effect is so much more polished and finished. As Little Edie would say, "All it needs is a coat of paint!"

I also went to Target to buy a few things and when the clerk tried to bag my items, I stopped him and said I would not be needing a bag. He looked at me, surprised. Then I told him about the garbage swirl in the Pacific Ocean and he, also, was equally horrified. I just put all my things back in the cart and unloaded them, bagless, in the back of the car. So what if it took an extra trip to the car during unloading? The house is a mere five feet away!

As for today, I think it will be more busy than yesterday. There is the trim to paint, laundry to do, groceries to buy and prep for the week, and general cleaning. Ah, maybe a glass of wine is in order for dinner and sit down afterwards.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


My friends Diana, Angela, and I have become obsessed with the documentary Grey Gardens.

As various components of the property were cleared, friends and neighbors, like Nora Ephron, were amazed at what Ms. Quinn and Mr. Bradlee uncovered. "Ben began cutting through the thicket and found the wall that once surrounded the walled garden," Ms. Ephron said. The extent of neglect was "truly unimaginable, even if you had seen the movie."

Here's a look inside the house when it was purchased for the rock bottom price of $220,000.00 and before its massive renovation.

Prior to restoring the house and hiring Victoria Fensterer to reinvent the gardens, Ms. Quinn arranged for photographs to be taken. This never-before-seen shot shows a sunroom with doors leading outside, where years of neglect had hidden the low grey cement walls that gave Grey Gardens its name.

When Ms. Quinn touched a key on this piano in the living room, the whole thing collapsed and fell through the floor.

Ms. Quinn recalled that after Little Edie put the house on the market for $220,000, she turned down several potential buyers, fearing they would tear it down and build something new. "I walked in and said 'this is the most beautiful house I've ever seen,' And she said, 'it's yours,'" Ms. Quinn said. "Then she did this little pirouette in the hall of the house, put her hands up in the air and said 'All it needs is a coat of paint!'"

Among the debris Ms. Quinn and Mr. Bradlee found in their house were the corpses of cats and skulls of raccoons. Here, scattered seashells and piles of books occupy one of the ten bedrooms.

Ms. Quinn said she fell in love with the house as soon as she entered it. "There's something magical about this house. You couldn't walk into it without putting a handkerchief over your nose, but I thought it was just beautiful," she said. "It just absolutely gripped me. I looked at it and I saw what the house could be like, saw what the garden could be." At left, the main staircase as seen from the second floor.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to buy the house," Mr. Bradlee said. "There were 52 dead cats in it, and funeral arrangements had to be made for each one." At left, the master bedroom, which had been used by Big Edie.

Just before closing on the house, Ms. Quinn was sitting in the sunroom with her mother when Lois Wright, a longtime friend of Big Edie, unexpectedly entered the room. "She said, 'I just appeared to bring you a message from Big Edie. She wanted you to have this house and wants you to know that you were meant to have it and that she's watching over you and that everything will go absolutely perfectly,'" Ms. Quinn recalls. At left, Big Edie's glass menagerie fills a cabinet in one of the bedrooms. Ms. Quinn had both the cabinet and the figurines restored.

Quinn Bradlee, the couple's adult son, says he and his mother sometimes joke that they will end up like Big Edie and Little Edie. "My mom and I, we do argue a lot. But I think the way [the Beales] argued was due more to their craziness than love. The way my mom and I argue, it's because we care about each other so much and love each other so much,” Mr. Bradlee said. At left, the bedroom used by Little Edie after her mother died. A single light bulb hangs in a bird cage above the bed.

Nora Ephron, a friend of the Bradlees, says Grey Gardens is a sight to behold. "It's quite a fabulous restoration because they didn't tear the house down, they rebuilt it," she said. "All the original bones are there. All the grace of the original house is exactly as it was." At left, a small bedroom with a porch that has views of the ocean. Ms. Quinn had all of the furniture seen here restored, and it is still in use.

A detail from the master bedroom used by Big Edie. Today, the home is a summer residence for Ms. Quinn and Mr. Bradlee and has become a destination that guests routinely describe as "magical." Lauren Bacall, a friend of the Bradlees, says she has many fond memories. "It is a happy house," Ms. Bacall said. "There is life there."

Pretty Patio Para Ti!!!

My garden seriously lacks major hardscape. I engage in a daily battle to quit planting and start saving for hardscape. The bulk of the periphery planting is finished and I really cannot continue until I have a real solid plan for where to place a patio and walkways.

I love love love moss. I love Irish moss as a tribute to Mr. Donaghy. I love Scottish moss as a tribute to me, Mrs. Donaghy. Why do I love moss? I'm not sure. Maybe this love was born from lollygagging through many a forest in my days of youth in northern California where the floor of a wooded grove was lush with this soft fuzzy green stuff. It cooled down the bare feet and its softness made it easy to walk barefoot. I also love that it creates a fairy feeling. Very Lord of the Rings, you know?

I really like the river birch trees as well. I'll try to find a spot for a duo of those.

I like that this little patio creates a feeling of secrecy. To be honest, I do tend to gravitate towards gardens that are more modern and minimal...rows of repeated plantings that seem to spontaneously burst forth from simple and sleek hardscape. However, I think that every garden should have an element of secrecy. Meaning, nothing should be seen all at once. The modern feel is spacious and clean and neat but a secret spot should be wild and hidden. A place where I can hide from Mr. Donaghy for a moment only to be found by surprise and then, a secret second (or two) of passion hidden from the neighbors!!!

Sunset Cabana

I saw this really cool project for the garden on I think it will be easy to do...or rather, easy to watch Mr. Donaghy do it! I think he secretly loves that I create projects for him around the house. He grumbles and huffs and puffs but once it's finished, he really does enjoy his efforts.

Here are the instructions...

With our checklist of tools and materials, some PVC pipe, and a little elbow grease, you can transform your outdoor space into an instant retreat ― all for about $300. This backyard lounge serves as both a casual spot for year-round entertaining and a private refuge with resort style.

Cabana checklist: What you’ll need


Eight 10-foot 1 ½-inch schedule-40 PVC pipes
10 feet of 2-inch-diameter ABS pipe
Four 1 ½-inch schedule-40 L-shaped pipe fittings
Four 1 ½-inch T-shaped pipe fittings
Masking tape
Matte-silver spray paint
Twenty ¾-inch self-tapping metal screws


10 yards of 54-inch-wide outdoor fabric
36 feet of #2 double-loop chain (to weigh down fabric on windy days)
2 rolls of heavy-duty fusible sewing tape (we like Stitch Witchery; $2.99;

Post-hole digger
Tape measure
Pencil (for marking measurements)
2-foot level
Iron (for heating/pressing sewing tape)
Sewing machine (optional)
Electric drill with bits
Heavy-duty wire cutters
2 ladders (one for each builder)
Time: Approximately 2 days, including drying time for paint. (Note: Assembling the frame requires two people, so enlist a partner on the second day of the project.)

Price Tag: About $300 (about $100 for frame, plus $20/yard for fabric)